BMP Education And Management Solutions LLP Was Incorporated With The Intention Of Providing World Class Support Services To Aspiring Candidates, Teaching Faculty & Organizations.This Will Be Undertaken By An Unique Approach Which Has Been Derived From An Exhaustive Market Survey.


Edcon-Edge is BMP.Inc's flagship program. It is one of its kind Industry orientation program which aims at explaining the student, the importance of seeing the world from an employer's eye. The biggest myth that a young student can have is that his degree can fetch him a job. A job is obtained when the employer feels that hiring a resource would benefit him either in terms of productivity or value addition.

Now the question is what required to be done in order to understand the employer's perspective? Our program Edcon-Edge answers the same. The following topics will be covered to address the issue:

Information Technology Industry
      ->Outsourcing v/s Off- shoring
      ->Product based companies v/s Service based companies
      ->Software company v/s IT company
      ->Overview if IT industry & Working
      ->Mobile application development
      ->Gaming Industry in India
      ->Cloud computing

Electronics Industry
      ->Electronic Manufacturing Services(EMS)
      ->Automation Industry
      ->Major Players
      ->Your Role

Manufacturing Industry
      ->Cement Industry
      ->Automobile Industry
      ->Bearing Industry
      ->Metal Extraction Industry
      ->Your role

Electrical & Power Industry
      ->Understanding Power Plant
      ->Maintenance v/s Plant set-up
      ->Thermal Power Plant
      ->Your role

Complementary training on soft skills would also be provided and the duration of the entire program is 30 hours.