BMP Education And Management Solutions LLP Was Incorporated With The Intention Of Providing World Class Support Services To Aspiring Candidates, Teaching Faculty & Organizations.This Will Be Undertaken By An Unique Approach Which Has Been Derived From An Exhaustive Market Survey.

Day One Employability

The fundamental duty of any recruiter/job consultant is to provide the best possible solution for the employer and the resource. Any selection is the right mix of package, profile & productivity. On one side we are talking about the lack of jobs for the fresh graduates, on the other hand we keep coming across vacant positions in organizations which have been lying unfilled for quite some time now. Hence BMP.Inc has come with employer specific training programs for fresh technical & management graduates. This training would comprise of the three modules which are:-

Module 1- General training & Overview of the Industry
Module 2- Employer specific technical training
Module 3- Employer specific commercial training

By undertaking these programs the fresh resource would be employable from day one which would mean that the resource would become productive for employer in no time and hence the employer would save on training expenditure. This would also be an incentive for the fresher job market as the major obstacle for any employer is the time taken for the fresh resource to be productive.

BMP has successfully implemented this concept with two of their clients in Nagpur
namely Bearing Centre & Avettor techno soft Pvt ltd.