BMP Education And Management Solutions LLP Was Incorporated With The Intention Of Providing World Class Support Services To Aspiring Candidates, Teaching Faculty & Organizations.This Will Be Undertaken By An Unique Approach Which Has Been Derived From An Exhaustive Market Survey.

Interim Assesment Test( IAT )

When BMP.Inc began its journey in 2010, we were very clear about bridging the GAP between Institutions and the Industry but before understanding the GAP was a major challenge. Hence for the first three years we conducted exhaustive surveys and obtained detailed feedback about our programs. We realized that the best way to develop training programs would be to assess the proficiency in areas of English language, general knowledge and Industry knowledge. To put idea into practice we launched an online web-based student assessment portal IAT.
The Interim Assessment Test or IAT is a unique evaluation program aimed at helping the students and the institutions to understand where they stand in the areas of English language, soft skills & Industry orientation. These three components are the most crucial parameters for being employable. The results of the test would be categorized based on the scores and a road map for training would be devised subsequently.The following will be the outcome of the test -
->Proficiency in written English language (online)
->General aptitude (Logical reasoning, HR puzzles)
->Interview Questions
->Knowledge about the Industry

The IAT is mandatory pre-requisite for enrolling or availing any of our programs or services.