BMP Education And Management Solutions LLP Was Incorporated With The Intention Of Providing World Class Support Services To Aspiring Candidates, Teaching Faculty & Organizations.This Will Be Undertaken By An Unique Approach Which Has Been Derived From An Exhaustive Market Survey.

Management Education

Every successfully executed strategy has an effective top & middle management behind it as the steering force. The credentials of any top management are his experience and knowledge. Organizations invest heavily to possess the aforesaid credentials. They may invest in sourcing them from the market or developing their in house team and hence there is a need for educating the management.

BMP.Inc has rich resources of the Management consultant who can be the guiding force to educate and hone your organizations management. Our program MaCon-Edge has been specifically designed to take care of management education. BMP.Inc successfully launched MaCon-Edge in September 2013 with its client Universal sales Corporation in Nagpur and Bangalore.