BMP Education And Management Solutions LLP Was Incorporated With The Intention Of Providing World Class Support Services To Aspiring Candidates, Teaching Faculty & Organizations.This Will Be Undertaken By An Unique Approach Which Has Been Derived From An Exhaustive Market Survey.


We did a survey on as to why 90% of students are dissatisfied with their English training programs. The biggest drawback of these programs is that the students are not compatible with the level of training being imparted to them. This originates from the fact that students are not assessed at all or there is no comprehensive assessment program in place to determine the level and the area in which the training is required. Our IAT test ensures that this anomaly is overcome and hence it differentiates the program from the rest.

The program aims transforming the student from a novice to a professional in the area of Vocal, Verbal and written English language. The following steps will be undertaken to achieve the same -

-> Scientific understanding of English language
->How is English language different from our Indian languages
->Basics of English language( vowels, consonants, articles)
->Grammar (level of grammar would depend upon the IAT results)
->Professional verbal and written English.(Resumes, drafting letters, Important professional terms)
->Public speaking and Group Discussion.
->Professional Etiquette.

The aim of this program will be to make them professionally competent in the areas of English language, general communication. This program will ensure that they would not be rejected on the grounds of poor English in any of the interviews that they might face.

The method of training would be class room coaching by the relevant experts in the field of English language. Power point presentation and audio or video tools will also be used. After completion of class room training the students will be subjected to online or offline assessments.The duration of the program would be from 30-60 hours depending on the level of training.